The vibes voicing instrument

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The Voicing Coach


Mallets Voice is an application designed by musicians for musicians (not only vibraphonist!) who wish to improve the study of the world of harmony and voicings.

Mallets Voice contains a rich anthology with hundred of chords and voicings, playable on vibraphone or other keyboards, the “Mallets Coach” function show the positions of the Mallets, a MIDI sequencer with MIDI export and a video gallery with exercises.

Mallets Voice is a complete tutorial for all musicians who want to develop an harmonic and musical mind.


Mallets Voice Coach contains several features, including:
– A 3 octaves and 1/2 polyphonic keyboard with 3 instruments, vibraphone, electronic vibes and marimba.

– A library of more than 200 voicings divided into 6 main families:
♫ Major
♫ Minor
♫ Dominant
♫ Diminished
♫ Half Diminished
♫ Suspended

– The “Mallets Coach” function shows the position of Mallets on the played chords.
– The “HOLD” function to hold on keyboard the played chord .

You can share your chords with your friends on your page in Twitter and Facebook.

– A section of Video Tutorials as exercise and practice containing the following video:
♫ Cycle of dominants progression
♫ Diminished progressions
♫ Chromatic progressions
♫ Sticking ideas 4 mallets

3 different sets of sounds and  of keyboard skins:
-Silver – Electronic vibes
-Gold – Vibraphone
-Wood/Marimba – Marimba

Find your sound….Enjoy Mallets Voice!