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The Rotator


The Rotator  is a programmable harmony generator that is super easy to configure and super fun to play.

You play one single note on your pad or phone screen, and a chord comes out. Not only that, each time you play a new note, a different chord is generated.

By using your “ears” to keep up with the ever shifting harmonies, you can create truly unique and personal performances.

Here’s how it worked (Classic Rotator)
Imagine a four note chord played three times. Because only four of the six voices are played…

The first time: 1-4 play
The second time: 5, 6, 1 and 2 play
The third time: 3, 4, 5 and 6 play

Now of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll have nothing but four note chords. In fact, you have lots of different chords and some single lines thrown in as well. Which voice a chord starts on depends on what came before. As only some of the voices might be transposed in a particular tuning, the resulting harmony and transpositions were almost always surprising and unpredictable. It was, in many ways, similar to the Enigma Machine – the famous rotating substitution coding device used by the Germans during World War II.

How the Mallets Voice rotator work:

Mallets Voice rotator extend the concept of classic rotator having 3 notes of the chord played in parallel to the main note.

  • The first note has a fixed interval from the main note, you can use only this couple of notes as a bi-chord programming the fixed interval like a 4th 5th 7th an so on.
  • The second note played has an interval based on the main note that change each time on 4 steps, you can change every 4 step interval as you need or use a factory preset.
  • The third note interval is based on the second rotating note, also here you can change the interval for any of 4 steps or use a factory preset.

The result of combination of the changing and rotating intervals create complex and amazing harmonic texture that you can play simply using a single key on MalletsVoice keyboard.

Mallets Voice Rotator

Mallets Voice Rotator

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